Who We Are?

We are a solo founder and completely bootstrapped startup.
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Our Story

Launched in 2017, SES Metric is email platform to ease integration with Amazon SES.

Founded by serial software entrepreneur Vishal Arya, the SES Metric is completely bootstrapped startup which is quickly gaining traction and is going to provide new dimensions to email analytics and insights.

SES Metric was started with main mission to provide greater visibility and debugging ability of transactions email sent using Amazon's SES service. Since its launch, SESMetric has continued to evolve and also started adding features that will make it a suitable for managing marketing campaigns.

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How many people are there in team?

There is one super human along with his team of automated bots that handle alot of my workload.

What is our history?

We started in mid 2017, the initial months were spent on validating the idea and building the prototype. After quickly getting the first beta customer, we polished the product into a more mature and full fledged SAAS offering.

How did it start?

I was part of the core platform engineering team for some well know startup companies. There had been consideration to migrate to Amazon SES on few occasions but never materialized as the business would sight lack of visibility and developers would complain about debugging options. Fast forward to 2017, I was on a break from work and started evaluating if this can be a good Saas product and SES Metric was born

What are our achievements?

I was able to launch the first prototype very quickly and also acquire first beta customer. I am on track with the target for launching the v2 of the service for anyone to use this November

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