SES metric is a project that I started some time back with a goal to simplify the Amazon SES setup and provide some of the missing features within SES dashboard.

Journey So far

In the past year I have worked with with a few startups and I see a common pattern that almost everybody pays a huge amount of money even for the transactional email via services that targeted more towards marketing purpose. When i asked the business why they don't want to use SES the typical response is that it does not have open rate or click rate tracking or audit trail for transactional emails. When I ask the same question to the engineering, they are looking for ease of integration and fact that the service that will also provide status of the emails via api or dashboard for debugging.

I Started Feb 2017 to solve these two problems visibility and debuggability

How does it work

The service provides an ability to setup a domain or identity in SES with a simple wizard which puts all the pieces together in background by programmatically setting up your account.

  • It provides a simple rest endpoint for developers to integrate with there application or service directly.

  • The SES Metric does SES notifications setup automatically to track the delivery status of the emails and provides a both rest endpoint and dashboard to check the status of the email.

  • SES Metric also automatically creates a suppression list based on rule for bounces and complaints.

  • The service also keeps a check on available sending quota and queues up the messages for sending later when the quota is not available.

  • One also gets additional tracking that is missing in SES like Open rate and Click thru rate.

Current Status

The service is a closed private beta at the moment and pubic beta will be available soon. The service will for transactional emails only. In future I may work on features that will allow the service to manage unsubscribe requests to enable marketing emails.