Bounce Handling.

We handle complaints and bounces automatically.
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SESMetric Overview Dashboard

Suppression Dashboard

Our system plays a very important role in keeping high deliverability for your emails by automatically taking action on bounces and complaints.

Suppression list dashboard allows you to check what emails have been marked for suppression bases on our rules. These rules are also exposed user your account settings and you are allowed to change these

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Bounces & Complaints handling

Proper handling of bounces and complaints is extremely important to maintain a high reputation score with the email providers. Our system automatically flag bad email addresses and does not allow any non-transactional email to be sent to such email addresses

Users are allowed to override these rules based on there preferences. One can still force send email to suppressed addresses but delivery is not guaranteed .

Dashboard Highlights

  • Handle Bounces
  • Handle Complaints
  • High Deliverability
Can i manually add or remove from the suppression lis ?

You can only manually add or remove from custom suppression list, bounce and complains lists are managed by the system.

Is there a way to send email to suppressed address ?

The suppression rule applies to marketing emails and does not apply for transactional emails. However on can still force send emails to suppressed email address using our api.

Can i import my existing supression list ?

Yes you can, you can simply use our list import feature under account settings.

How long do these email addresses continue to be suppressed ?

Hard bounces stay in the list for 14 days and soft bounces stay in list for 2 days. Address marked spam stay in list till 120 days or if recipient marks the email not spam

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