Awesome Dashboard.

The dashboard give a quick insight into your Amazon SES sending activity.
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SESMetric Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard gives a quick insight into the ses sending activity for the last 24 hours.

One can very quickly look at the Sending stauts summary broken down into actual number and percentages for various sending status. The dashboard exposes realtime stats for your sending activity

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Real time insights

The dashboard shows near realtime status for sending activity like Delivered, Bounces, Complaints and Rejections .

You can also track how much of your account sending quota is available and how many mails have been queued up becuase of failures or unavailability to quota.

Dashboard Highlights

  • Track Bounces
  • Track Complaints
  • Track Rejects
  • Track Deliveries
  • Track Pending
What is the latency of the reports?

All data on the dashboard is near real time. As soon as the message status change notification is received from amazon, our system is able to process it in fraction of seconds

Can customize the dashboard view ?

Short answer is No, As of now the dashboard stats are carefully selected metrics that are most relevant number for getting actionable insights into your SES sending activity.

What is the most important stat i should be focusing on in this dashboard?

It is very important to keep an eye on number of messages being marked at spam or getting bounced. With higher number of emails ending up in complaints or bounce could mean there is something seriously worng with your contact list or contents of your email .

Where are there more clicks or opens then mails i have sent in last 24hrs?

This is because people are clicking links or opening emails which might have been sent in the past. All links and open rate tacking expires after default 90 days, after this the links are will continue to work but will not be tracked *

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