Streaming SMTP.

SESMetric offers a unique, secure and ultra fast SMTP service that is `Streaming SMTP`
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smtp streaming api

Overview Streaming SMTP

Streaming SMTP is a proprietary smtp service that is fully compatible with existing smtp protocol standard.

The service is a wrapper on top of your Aws SES and allows you to connect any application that supports smtp to quickly start using amazon ses for emails.

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Streaming SMTP

All emails send using STMP protocol through SESMetric proporitory smtp service get processes at lighting fast speeds and throughput .

The service also automatically enabled monitoring for any emails sent using this smtp service. All emails are processed by the system in real time by our streaming api based system.

Service Highlights

  • High Throughput
  • Real Time
  • Fast Response Times
  • Streaming API
  • Full Monitoring
Can i send email to port 25?

Smtp port 25 is not secure, this means that security of the contents of your emails cannot be guaranteed if emails are sent using port 25 .Due to this reason we only allow secure port for our smtp service.

Can i disable monitoring for emails sent using the smtp service.

yes, there two smtp servers in you will find in your account setting. use the one labeled `non monitored` to disable monitoring for those emails.

Does smtp also filter recipients

Yes, any recipient who is in the suppression list will be filtered. The supression list can be accessed from your dashboard. The email that are rejected due to supression will be visible on you dashboard as well as rejected by SESMetric

Can i send attachments?

You can send attacments with the emails, however the total size of email is limited to 10mb. In case you want to send larger emails you will have to open a case with amazon support to get the limit increased.

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